5thousands tourists visited Dhauli monument despite Ban of District Administration

Bhubaneswar : The district administration has issued a notice for travel ban around the foothills of the Shantistupa and visiting the Shantistupa of Dhauli in Bhubaneswar from the 31st of December 2021 to the 2nd of January 2022 month. However, in the  1st january , tourists have not been able to comply. Despite the force being imposed, 5,000 tourists have been reported to have been there from morning to evening on 1st January.   However, the question of how tourists are getting on bikes and cars has raised questions. Tourists are said to be traveling by identifying as locals. However .



The number of tourists will increase further on the first Sunday of the year, a security official said. “Importantly, the police are not taking any action against    the tourists,” he said.  , a similar crowd of 10,000 tourists was seen. More importantly, some other tourists from the West Bengal area returned by bus from the bus stand.




2 drug addicts injured

Two people were injured   Tensions were high at the scene. Pedestrians in attendance reported the matter to the police control room.   The other accused is said to have escaped after receiving news of the police raid. According to sources, 10 youths from a slum in the Samantarapur area of ​​Bhubaneswar were having a party near the Gangua Dam today. This lasted from noon to noon. There was an altercation between the two men  . Thus they supported each other and fought among themselves. One drug addict was reported to have hit the head of another drug addict with the vehicle key.

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