A woman lives in Toilet for last three years

Balangir: Life in the bathroom. Living in the bathroom, sitting and daily necessities are all here. Where cooking, eating and drinking are daily routine . Sandhyarani Nag of Mahimunda village in Balangir district is living in such a deplorable situation. Not for a year or a half, but for the last 3 years, She has been living a miserable life here.


She has been homeless for the past four years. After a year or so, his latrine was built. However, Sandharani loved the place because she did not have a place to stay. Ironically, he had been living in the bathroom for years but had not been able to get help in the housing scheme. “Even without a bribe, no house loan is possible ,” she said. No one was heard from the local sarpanch, the district administration, for a piece of the house. Meanwhile, the deplorable situation in Mahimunda Panchayat, which has been declared the best panchayat, has taken everyone by surprise.

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