Indian Zodiac sign prediction for March first week(based on lunar panchangam)

Aries – Aries people will get very auspicious results. There will be income from various sources. Many days of family life will come true. The business will be profitable. The auspicious color is yellow. auspicious no -3, worship the Hanuman for good fruit.

Taurus – will improve in some areas. There will be happiness and prosperity in family life. Live an independent life. Students will be benefited. auspicious no 4. auspicious color blue, worship Mahadev and you will get good results.

Gemini – will get moderate results thid week. Improvements in agriculture. In family life, will be worried about their children. auspicious no – 4, auspicious color white, respect the teacher

Cancer – Economic growth in this week. Family life will be better. Honored in the field of employment. In some cases, mental turmoil. auspicious color red. auspicious no 1, Worship of Hargauri.

Leo – Increase in income and expenses thid week. Debt is affected. Family worries. Employment in the field of intrest. auspicious no 5, auspicious colors is green. Wear a tilak or sandalwood on fore head in remembrance of God.

Virgo – The week will give mixed result. Improvements in the workplace. Will perform important tasks in family life. Loss in business. auspicious no 2, auspicious color is white, worship – Lakshmi Narayan

Cancer – Good luck. Time will pass in righteousness. Increased work ethics. Respect for the job. auspicious no 4 auspicious colors is silver. Worship of the village goddess.

Scorpion – Slow work in the first three days of the week. Domestic unrest. Students benefit. auspicious color orange,auspicious no 2.

Sagittarius – Happy Week. Improvements in the workplace. Happiness and peace in family life. The students will be successful. auspicious no 6 auspicious color is orange .worship Lord Ganesha

Capricorn – mixed result this week. Labor Neighbors can help. There will be some good results. Worship Jagannath, get blessed ,auspicious color gray.

Aquarius – Good luck prevails this week. Successful in workplace. Respect and happiness in the job. auspicious no 5 auspicious colors is green ,worship Lord Mahadev.

Pisces – auspicious. Family life is sweet. Success in business. Students will be benefited. auspicious no 3, e worship of Maa Tareni

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