Murder of women in the capital of Odisha: Accused Jagannath Pradhan’s mother tells this



Bhubaneswar: Sabitri, the mother of Jagannath Pradhan, accused of brutally murdering a woman in Bhimtangi area of Bhubaneswar capital city of Odisha  has reveled a thing. Shee said her son Jagannath had a love affair with Priyanka. Priyanka was talking to  her son before and after her marriage.

In Lockdown, the two were reunited. The relationship between the two became closer after Priyanka called her said Jagannath’s mother Sabitri Pradhan,  She said she did not know why the relationship was bitter and what level Jagannath wanted to take. Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating that the deceased Priyanka and accused Jagannath have been dating for the past ten years.

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