The decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is costly for President Biden; Unexpected decline in ‘Approval Rating’

The decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan has proved costly for US President Joe Biden. Public confidence in U.S. President Biden has been shaken by the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s rule. The decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan has been widely opposed by the United States and the world. Biden’s popularity, or “approval rating,” has been steadily declining in the eyes of the world. Notably, the Taliban occupied Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on August 15 after the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.

According to a survey by two private agencies, Biden’s approval rating has now dropped to 43 percent. Which is the lowest level of popularity since Biden became president. Many Americans have condemned Biden’s foreign policy. Biden’s decision, on the other hand, has been strongly condemned by former US President Donald Trump. He said Biden’s decision was “untimely”. Biden, meanwhile, said the decision was made by the U.S. military and non-state actors. However, such a decision by US President Joe Biden has not only been opposed at the political level, but also by Biden, a former U.S. military official.

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