Man married the woman he had raped then killed after having sex

New Delhi: A young man has married the woman he had raped, after returning from . He was being convicted for this crime. Six months after the marriage, the vengeful husband was arrested by police on charges of murdering his wife. Rajesh, a Delhi resident, was arrested last August on charges of molesting and having illicit relation with  a young woman by promising to marry her. He was released from Tihar Jail in October and married in December. After the marriage, there was a quarrel between the two. Rajesh was torturing his wife. The young woman was staying at her father’s house.


Rajesh moved his wife from his father-in-law’s house to Uddamsingh Nagar district in Uttarakhand. Since then, the girl’s phone has been switched off, and her parents have complained to police. Police tracked down Rajesh and arrested him. Rajesh initially denied the allegations, but later admitted that he had killed the woman in retaliation for his mother-in-law and wife. Rajesh has admitted that he killed her after having sex with his wife in a cave 13 km from Nainital.

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